How to Decline to Vote in Ontario, Canada - September 2021.

In Ontario voters who do not want to vote for any of the parties or their candidates, can decline to vote. It is not the same as a spoiled ballot. It is better than not voting at all. Declining to vote means you showed up and chose none of the above, deliberately. You did not misunderstand how the ballot works or make a mistake. Please read more about declining to vote. The following is a screenshot from Elections Ontario.

Link to  - Elections Ontario - Different ways to mark your ballot.

You can choose to
              decline to vote in Ontario.

I am not connected to, or part of, any political party nor involved with Elections Ontario. This is information I looked for online and choose to post for others to find. Some people say it is a wasted vote. But, I believe it is not. Declined votes are counted but they are not counted as for or against any party on the ballot. This is what I am choosing to do. Not in a rant, or lack of decisiveness. I have considered all the parties. I have voted almost every election since I turned 18 in the province of Ontario. Declining to vote is not a lack of decision, this IS my decision. I do not support or endorse any of the parties or candidates.

Update September, 13th, 2021

I voted early. I was not able to decline to vote. The election volunteers did not know the right procedure. Instead of doing as described above they were going to add my ballot to the same box as all the other votes. They did not write "declined" on it. Instead they told me to take my ballot behind the cardboard stand and write whatever I wanted (or nothing) on it. The staff made sure to tell me this was my choice, to do whatever I wanted with my ballot. However, it would then be added to all the other ballots in the ballot box.

In the end it would have been counted as a spoiled ballot. This was NOT what I wanted. I did not want a spoiled ballot. I chose not to explain or argue with them. Instead I voted for the party my Mother was voting for. That seemed a better option than a spoiled ballot. But next election I am unlikely to show up at all unless someone comes up with a candidate I care to vote for. Seems pretty unlikely so I will save myself the trouble. I will leave this site up for posterity.

Happy Election Day Canada.